Evidence for Homeopathy

On January 5, 2013, the American Veterinary Medical Association’s House of Delegates, representing all the states and many allied organizations, voted on Resolution 3: “Homeopathy has been identified as an ineffective practice and its use is discouraged.”  This had been brought to the House of Delegates by the Connecticut State VMA without any discussion or input from the veterinary homeopathic community.

The resolution was not passed but was referred to the Executive Council of the AVMA with the recommendation that it then be sent on to the Council on Veterinary Services (COVS) preparing to do their 5 year general review of all CAVM guidelines.

In January 2014, that resolution was soundly defeated by the AVMA HOD by a 92% to 8% vote.

One of the most convincing arguments in favor of the evidence based aspect of homeopathy was compiled by Dr. Shelley Epstein and is available here along with related background materials, including Dr. Narda Robinson’s letter in support of the resolution indicating her strong opinions in this matter.

Dr. Epstein’s Homeopathy White Paper

Veterinary Homeopathy Research Database

Homeopathy Myths vs. Facts

Dr. Narda Robinson’s Input on Resolution 3

AVH Response to Narda Robinson’s Letter

American Institute of Homeopathy Letter

Dr. Iris Bell  – Homeopathy as Nanoparticles

Integrative Veterinary Care Journal   – Homeopathy: A 200-year Old Nanomedicine Part 1

Integrative Veterinary Care Journal   – Homeopathy: A 200-year Old Nanomedicine Part 2

The AVH and the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association will continue to work with the AVMA to defend our clients’ right to obtain homeopathic therapy for their animals from trained veterinarians.