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What Is The AVH?

Founded in 1995, the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy is comprised of veterinarians who share the common desire to restore true health to their patients through the use of homeopathic treatment. Members of the Academy are dedicated to understanding and preserving the principles of Classical Homeopathy.

Why Choose Homeopathy?

Most veterinarians are led to homeopathy by a frustration with the chronic and recurring nature of so many of the problems we see in our animal patients. The goal of homeopathic veterinarians is not merely to treat disease but to cure it. This means that the symptoms of the disease are gone, the patient feels better, and has no new symptoms. Ideally, no further treatment is necessary.

What Can Be Treated By Homeopathy?

Almost any problem that can be treated by traditional western medicine (allopathy) can be treated by homeopathy. Examples of chronic diseases that respond to homeopathy include skin allergies, ear infections, asthma, diabetes,inflammatory bowel disease, epilepsy, thyroid disease and a host of other conditions. Veterinarians who practice classical homeopathy according to academy standards have found that many otherwise chronically ill patients can be restored to health. They have also found that homeopathy can rapidly and gently treat a diverse array of acute conditions from traumatic injuries to infections and poisonings.

Homeopathy is a holistic discipline and the principles of good health such as diet, exercise and removal of stresses are also part of the process or restoring health. Veterinarians who practice homeopathy have found it to be a gentle, safe and effective medical system which offers a true cure to many patients.

The members of the Academy encourage you to explore this web site for further information. A list of Academy members is available if you are seeking a homeopathic veterinarian in your area. Members who have become certified have further demonstrated their competency in the field by passing rigorous testing and inspection of their case work. If you have further questions or comments about your experience with an AVH member please contact us.