Conference 2014 Summary


September 12-14, 2014


We are excited to announce the upcoming AVH Annual case conference, Practical Homeopathic Philosophy, September 12-14, 2014.  The AVH Conference will be overlapping with the AHVMA meeting (Sept. 13-16) to enable participants to attend both conferences.  Both meetings will be located in the Red Lion Hotel on the River - Jantzen Beach, Portland, Oregon.

Many of the presenters will discuss how knowledge of the Organon has helped in the diagnosis, treatment and management of cases.

Speakers include: Sara Fox Chapman, Will Falconer, Lisa Melling, Elise Radebaugh, Adriana Sagrera, Sarah Stieg and our well known and beloved Richard Pitcairn.

Our special guest this year is the well known and respected human homeopath, Nicola Henriques, author of Crossroads to Cure and Release the Vital Force. She is truly an expert on the Organon and Hahnemann’s principals of homeopathy.  She will be speaking on the ‘Identification and Removal of Obstacles to Permanent Health Restoration.’

Topics include homeopathic practice management, care for patients with cancer, blood dyscrasias, and acute homeopathic care for emergencies including trauma, bites of poisonous insects and gastroenteritis.  One of our fantastic talks will focus on the homeopathic treatment of rescue animals.  Many of these cases appear to be one-sided and have a paucity of historical data.  The therapeutic methods of Boger will also be discussed and have special applicability in these cases.

Mention that you are making a reservation for the AHVMA / AVH meeting by calling 503-283-4466.

Book online by going to  Our special room rate is $119/night! As an extra bonus this year, AVH attendees receive one complimentary day pass to go to AHVMA lectures.  We look forward to seeing everyone in beautiful Portland and sharing the experience with our friends from the AHVMA.



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